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“Putting Together is a journey to the music of my heroes, mentors, influences and friends. The record link the dots of my life and music and cruise into my world, floating from a slow bossa nova to a spicy flamenco.”
Ney Neto

Track 1: 

(Celso Pixinga / Ney Neto) 

First track of the album, Mr. Andrews was written by Celso Pixinga, to homage bass player Jeff Andrews, Vital Information bass player. Jeff himself plays on the track, accompanied by Gustavo Bassi (drums), Lis de Carvalho (piano) and Wagner Barbosa (saxophone).

Track 2: 

(Ney Neto) 

In 2009 Ney had the opportunity to know Michael Manring, one of the most impressive bassists in the world. The track Mike's Rules was written to Michael and brings interesting sonority. Michael Manring plays one bass on the track, together with Helio Ishitani (drums) and Marquinho da Luz (percussion).

Track 3: 

(Riccardo Ascani) 

The Flamenco from Andaluzia was always one of the favorite music styles for Ney. In this track, He is accompanying the maestro and flamenco master guitarrist from Italy, Riccardo Ascani.

Track 4: 

(Everett Pendleton) 

Song composed by guitar player from Chicago, Everett Pendleton, with whom Ney had the pleasure to play in Brazil and in the US. In this version, the tune is performed by the musicians Dino Verdade (drums), Bruno Alves (piano), Kadu Fernandes (percussion) and special featuring Boston saxophonist Mike Tucker.

Track 5: 

(Ney Neto / Miqueas Santana) 

This track was recorded alive in the studio Pro-Studio in São Paulo, tune written by Ney and Miqueas Santana. In this track are playing Dino Verdade (drums), Grant Stinnett (bass solo), Todd Johnson (piccolo bass), Jim Stinnett (double bass) and special featuring Brazilian guitar player Dney Bitencourt, later overdubed.

Track 6: 

(Wagner Barbosa) 

Tune written by saxophonist Wagner Barbosa. In this track are playing Gustavo Bassi (drums), Wagner Barbosa (sax), besides the very special featuring of Austrian guitar player Martin Schaberl

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Technical Information

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Original live studio sessions, revisited arrangements, special features and pieces of old tracks, found in lost computer backups, remastered by the legendary sound engineer Cassio Martin made possible to bring to life this collection of recordings from 2009 to 2014. In 2016 new recordings completed the story of the record and the mixing was finalized.


Ale Demogli . Attilio Celona . Bruno Alves . Cassio Martin . Celso Pixinga . Dino Verdade . Dney Bitencourt  Gabriel Grossi . Gê Cortes . Grant Stinnett . Gui Musselli . Gustavo Bassi . Helio Ishitani . Jeff Andrews . Jim Stinnet . Kadu Fernandes . Leo Gandelman . Lincoln Ducatti . Lis de Carvalho . Marcio Fortunado . Maria Sílvia Velludo . Marquinho da Luz . Martin Schaberl . Michael Manring . Mike Stern . Mike Tucker . Miqueas Santana . Newton Carneiro . Riccardo Ascani  .  Ronald Mello . Sandro Souza . Sergio Schreiber . Thiago Espirito Santo . Todd Johnson . Victor Henrique . Wagner Barbosa

* Mike Stern records exclusively for Heads Up International


To all the musicians who borrow the beauty of their music to this project, and for everything I've learned from each one of them. To my daughters Manuela and Victoria, and my sunshine Bruna Biason, you are the meaning! To my sisters Juliana, Monica, Veronica, ant my parents. To all my family and friends, especially to brothers Ruivo, Dney Bitencourt, Cassio Martin, Celso Pixinga, Thiago Espírito Santo, Thiago Oscalis, Felipe Santana, Jozecler Zita, Pablo e Patricia Smiljanic, Marco e Gabi Espíndula, and to my teacher Jim Stinnett. To MCI and all business partners. I dedicate this CD to the memory of bassist Miqueas Santana.  

Musical direction, arrangements: Ney Neto

Recording mixing and remastering: Cassio Martin
Executive Production: Bruna Biason

Key-visual: Marco Ruivo

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